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The National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP) has a goal of supporting public health actors across Canada in their efforts to promote healthy public policies  Visit the Website

The Healthy Public Policy Research Group (Groupe d'étude sur les politiques publiques et la santé. GÉPPS) has a research focus on the processes involved in producing public policies, from their emergence to their evaluation, analyzed through the perspective of their impacts on health.  Visit the Website


Documents from Quebec

Documentation on the orientation and the development of health impact assessment in Quebec, as well as on the application of section 54 of the Public Health Act:

Ministère de la santé et des Services sociaux du Québec (MSSS)

In order to apply section 54, the MSSS developed a strategy that involves implementing, within the entire government structure, a mechanism for assessing impact on health. To support the application of this mechanism, the MSSS developed methodological tools including a guide (2006) for those responsible for developing and analyzing government bills and regulations, in various government sectors:
It has also developped a tool that explains the determinants of health, in order to improve understanding of the potential impacts of ministerial and organisational interventions on the health and well-being of the population.
Groupe d'étude sur les politiques publiques et la santé (GÉPPS)

Part of the MSSS’s Programme de recherche sur les politiques publiques favorables à la santé et au bien-être, this group is interested in the process involved in public policy formulation, from emergence to evaluation. Public policy is analyzed from the perspective of its impact on health. Several of their works and communications are available on their website, such as:
  • In the Fall of 2006, eight case studies were conducted in the aim of creating portraits of the decisional processes involved in the formulation and adoption of healthy public policy. These case studies were done in partnership with four ministries.

    - Act respecting commercial aquaculture
    - Regulation respecting the Identification and traceability of certain animals
    - The Pesticides Management Code
    - Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water
    - Government Action Plan to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion
    - Government Adult Education and Training Policy
    - Authorization to turn right on a red light
    - Photo radar
  • Publication of scientific articles and researches:

    Gagnon, F., Turgeon, J., & Gagnon, D. (2007) «Les actions de la santé publique en matière de politiques favorables à la santé au Québec, de 1995 à 2005. Perspectives centrales et régionales.» Available on line

    Gagnon, F., Turgeon, J., & Dallaire, C. «Healthy Public Policy. A conceptual cognitive framework.» Health Policy. Available on line

    Turgeon, J., Gagnon, F., Bourgault, J. & Garant, S. (2005). «Politiques publiques et santé : Les dilemmes de l'évaluation prospective.» Administration publique du Canada. 48(3), 328-347.
  • Healthy public policy - Paper presented by Clémence Dallaire on April 6, 2006 in Cardiff (UK) at the 7th UK and Ireland Health Impact Assessment Conference
    Done in collaboration with Geneviève Hamel (MSSS) and Geneviève Lapointe (INSPQ)

Other researchers

Jacques Auger et Dolores Grossemy, L'Observatoire de l'administration publique de l'ÉNAP

Reiner Banken, AETMIS
  • HIA of policy in Canada
    Chapitre 15 du livre Health Impact Assessment publié par John Kemm, Jayne Parry et Stephen Palmer en avril 2004.