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The National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP) has a goal of supporting public health actors across Canada in their efforts to promote healthy public policies  Visit the Website

The Healthy Public Policy Research Group (Groupe d'étude sur les politiques publiques et la santé. GÉPPS) has a research focus on the processes involved in producing public policies, from their emergence to their evaluation, analyzed through the perspective of their impacts on health.  Visit the Website


The Public Policy and Health Portal is a portal that makes knowledge and practices relating to healthy public policy easily accessible.

What’s new on the Portal?

Selected Tools to Facilitate the Integration of Health in All Policies
The aim of this briefing note is to introduce some tools developed in recent years to facilitate the integration of health issues into the decision-making processes of sectors whose primary concern is not population health. These tools are: 1) Rapid health impact assessment (HIA) 2) Health Matrix 3) Healthy Development Measurement Tool 4) Health Background Study 5) Health Economic Assessment Tool - HEAT.

Mexican Soda Tax Working as Intended, Study Finds
A study published by Mexican and American researchers found out that taxes are driving down soda purchases. Soda purchases declined more than 5 percent in Mexico in the tax’s first year and another 4 percent in the tax’s second year. And during the same period, sales of untaxed drinks like water went up slightly. Reductions in consumption of soda could have positive impacts on health outcomes and reductions in health care expenses in Mexico.

Society for Public Health Education’s 68th Annual Conference - Scaling new heights: Health for all
March 30 – April 1st, 2017, Denver, Colorado, USA This conference will include the following themes: 1) The Intersection of Health, Innovation, and Technology 2) Transdisciplinary Perspectives: Moving Beyond the Silos 3) Entrepreneurship, Health Education and Health Equity 4) Advocacy and Capacity Building to Cultivate Health for All 5) Cultivating Workforce Diversity: Transgenerational Issues and Solutions.

Une politique de développement social axée sur l’équité – vers une réduction des inégalités sociales de santé à Montréal
This brief published by the Direction régionale de santé publique of CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal was presented as part of a consultation Towards a policy for social development. The aim of the document is to contribute to Montreal's social development orientations by reiterating the importance of addressing social inequalities. The brief focuses on the social development’s drivers that are directly the responsibility of the Montreal authorities: housing, transport and land use planning are areas of intervention that are particularly likely to contribute to the reduction of social inequalities.

Nation's Pediatricians Warn of Rising Risks to Youths From Loosening Marijuana Laws
With marijuana now legal for recreation or medical use in a majority of states—and access and attitudes toward it relaxing as a result—a new American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) clinical report in the March 2017 Pediatrics equips doctors to advise patients and parents about harms the drug can cause, particularly for teens. The report highlights the dangers of a climate in which the drug increasingly is seen as acceptable, safe and therapeutic.

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