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The National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP) has a goal of supporting public health actors across Canada in their efforts to promote healthy public policies  Visit the Website

The Healthy Public Policy Research Group (Groupe d'étude sur les politiques publiques et la santé. GÉPPS) has a research focus on the processes involved in producing public policies, from their emergence to their evaluation, analyzed through the perspective of their impacts on health.  Visit the Website


The Public Policy and Health Portal is a portal that makes knowledge and practices relating to healthy public policy easily accessible.

What’s new on the Portal?

Addressing Human Health in Environmental Impact Assessment – Draft paper and webinar
The International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) and the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) have prepared a paper on Addressing Health in Environmental Impact Assessment. This seeks to contribute towards consistent coverage of human health within an EIA. This is of interest to practitioners conducting EIA, Developers and to the authorities requested to express their opinion on the information supplied in an EIA report.Feedback and comments are welcomed until by 6 January 2020. A webinar discussing this paper will be held on December 3, 2019 – click here to register.

Better transport accessibility, better health: a health economic impact assessment study for Melbourne, Australia
Improving accessibility to public transport could be an effective policy for Governments to promote equity and efficiency within transportation systems, increase population levels of physical activity and reduce the negative externalities of motor vehicle use. This paper aims to estimate the physical activity, obesity, injury, health and healthcare cost-saving outcomes of scenario-based improvements to public transport accessibility in Melbourne, Australia.

Towards policies encouraging healthier food choices
This OECD report examines the role of government policies in encouraging healthier food choices to fight the current overweight and obesity epidemics. The report summarises the evidence base on the health implications of unhealthy diets and the associated burden on health systems. It then examines the evidence base on the effectiveness of policy instruments, while it presents some broad policy implications. A key conclusion is that effective policies require a robust evidence base, which in turn requires effective data systems.

The Evidence-Informed Decision Making (EIDM) Casebook Issue 3
The National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools has recently launched the third issue of the Evidence-Informed Decision Making (EIDM) Casebook. This casebook highlights how Canadian and international public health practitioners use evidence to inform public health practice, programs and policy.

Strengthening impact assessment: Science, technology, and governance advancements toward efficiency and effectiveness
Against the backdrop of digital and technological progress, this conference aims to explore related scientific, technological, and governance developments to reflect on whether the impact assessment community is getting any smarter at bridging the science and art of impact assessment. It will take place 26-29 May 2020 in Seville, Spain.

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