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The National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP) has a goal of supporting public health actors across Canada in their efforts to promote healthy public policies  Visit the Website

The Healthy Public Policy Research Group (Groupe d'étude sur les politiques publiques et la santé. GÉPPS) has a research focus on the processes involved in producing public policies, from their emergence to their evaluation, analyzed through the perspective of their impacts on health.  Visit the Website


The Public Policy and Health Portal is a portal that makes knowledge and practices relating to healthy public policy easily accessible.

What’s new on the Portal?

Webinar - How and Why Evaluate the Implementation of a Health Impact Assessment Process (HIA)?
This webinar will discuss the evaluation of an HIA process. Please note that it will be offered in French only. This webinar entitled: Comment et pourquoi évaluer le déploiement d'une démarche d'évaluation d'impact sur la santé (EIS)? will be offered by Françoise Jabot, Professor at the École des Hautes Études en Santé Publique (EHESP), in Rennes, France. The webinar will be held on October 10th.

Healthy, prosperous lives for all: the European Health Equity Status Report
The WHO Health Equity Status Report considers the drivers of health equity, namely the factors fundamental to creating more equitable societies: policy coherence, accountability, social participation and empowerment. The report provides evidence of the indicators driving health inequities in each of the 53 Member States of the Region as well as the solutions to reducing these inequities.

Network multipliers and public health
Spillover effects and contagion should be taken into account when assessing the public health impact of an intervention and also its cost-effectiveness. Ignoring such network multipliers has important implications for cost-effectiveness research and may yield substantial underestimates. Moreover, if different interventions have spillover effects of different magnitudes and hence different network multipliers, this could in fact alter which of two interventions is deemed to be more cost-effective.

PHE infectious diseases strategy 2020 to 2025
Public Health England (PHE) sets out a new 5-year infectious diseases strategy to address urgent current and future health threats. Threats to public health in England include: antibiotic resistance, declining vaccination rates, pandemic flu, emerging diseases, health inequalities. The new strategy seeks to strengthen PHE’s ability to prevent, detect, respond to and reduce the impact of infectious diseases.

Projet de règlement «Autres catégories de cannabis qui peuvent être vendues par la Société québécoise du cannabis et certaines normes relatives à la composition et aux caractéristiques du cannabis»
While the Quebec government could have banned the sale of new products by the Quebec Cannabis Society (SQDC), the Institute supports the intention to restrict it to the product line. This is the smart initiative. Nevertheless, perceived concerns. This is why the Institute's submission poses risks to public health and safety, and offers suggestions for the proposed regulation.

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