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The National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP) has a goal of supporting public health actors across Canada in their efforts to promote healthy public policies  Visit the Website

The Healthy Public Policy Research Group (Groupe d'étude sur les politiques publiques et la santé. GÉPPS) has a research focus on the processes involved in producing public policies, from their emergence to their evaluation, analyzed through the perspective of their impacts on health.  Visit the Website


The Public Policy and Health Portal is a portal that makes knowledge and practices relating to healthy public policy easily accessible.

What’s new on the Portal?

Public health in a changing climate
This report reviews current strategies and actions in the UK to address climate change by local government public health departments and their partners. It explores barriers and opportunities for action, and identifies recommendations for local and national policy and practice. The report warns that cuts to local government budgets mean that climate change is seldom regarded as a priority.

Marisol Touraine annonce la création de Santé Publique France, l’agence nationale de santé publique
The creation of the Agency, effective from May 1, 2016, aims to equip France with an expert institution to serve the health interests of the population. Public Health France assembles all the missions, competencies and powers exercised by three public institutions under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health: the Institut national de prévention et d’éducation pour la santé (INPES), the Institut de veille sanitaire (InVS) and the Établissement de préparation et de réponse aux urgences sanitaires (EPRUS).

Agriculture and Public Health: Impacts and pathways for better coherence
Produced by the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), this discussion paper addresses European Union (EU) agricultural policies and their relation to nutrition, consumption and health in the 28 EU member countries. The paper discusses the linkage between agricultural production and health, covering such topics as agrochemicals, air quality and antibiotic resistance. It calls for improved convergence between EU agricultural and public health policies.

Working together to promote active travel: A briefing for local authorities
Published by Public Health England (PHE), this briefing looks at the impact of England’s current transport systems and sets out the many benefits of increasing physical activity through active transport on foot and bicycle. It suggests that while motorized road transport plays an undoubtedly large role in supporting the economy, a rebalancing of England’s travel system will support and sustain needed public health benefits.

Plain cigarette packaging introduced in the UK
New cigarette packaging legislation in the UK stipulates that cigarette packs must now be a single colour and labelled with large health warnings. Studies suggest such packaging can deter beginner smokers and increase smoking cessation rates. This article reviews the research on this topic.

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